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Welcome to Cryptic demise, though we do hope your stay is comfortable we also hope your stay is permanent.

Description: We are a medium role playing guild that is also set for leveling, dungeoning, PvPing and hopefully raiding at a later date. We offer a pleasant and comfortable family style environment. We help each other out whenever possible.

Rules: We have a one alt policy so that our ranks are easy to roster and easy to manage. We also do not allow initiates to pull from the vault do to high theft ratings on World of Warcraft. If you do take something from the guild vault please either replace the item with another item, mats, or a deposit of gold.

Ranks: The following people represent your High Counsel - Guild master Kelinaar, Cryptic Consult Kelynna, Veteran Ravenscroll, Veteran Deceotion, Veteran Arvandor, Veteran Siofra.

We are one big family here so please if you have a disagreement take it out of guild chat and/or consult a counsel member.

World of Warcraft and related games to this guild or anyother group of players are just games. Any complaints or problems are to be directed to the guild master, the crytpic consult or the reagent. Cryptic Demise does not pretend to be anything more than a group of gamers. God moding, thievery, anti-socialism, drunken behavior, and any other form of an activity with a negative outlook towards the guild, its members or any other player of world of warcraft is strictly forbidden. Anyone caught violating these terms will be reported to the proper moderators.
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Cryptic Demise, Light - medium rp
Thorium Brotherhood (RP)
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We are currently recruiting all levels and classes. Must be active. We do not check gearscore, gear, stats or anything along that line. Please note that this is a family style roleplay guild with a mature nature. We are not a raiding guild. For more information or an invitation please contact the GL
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